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Preview Tiny URLs For Your Safety

Tiny URLs are often used in e-mail, Twitter, and other places to shorten a long URL into a much more convenient, short version. For example, they're those little URLs that contain or something similar in the address.

There is a potential security risk by clicking on Tiny URLs. Unless you are able to place your cursor over the Tiny URL and hover there is no way to know where that URL is going. It could be a map, or the pictures of your friend's vacation. Or it could be a malicious web site that hijacks your computer and installs a Trojan or keylogger without your knowledge.

It is vitally important from a security perspective to hover over any URL to make sure it's sending you somewhere you trust before clicking on it. But without a plug in, tiny URLs only show the shortened URL when you hover over them.

So you take one of two security precautions:

  1. Never click on a shortened URL.
  2. Install the plugin by called Preview Plugin, which lets Firefox and Chrome browser users see the whole URL that a tiny URL will redirect you to.

With the Preview Plugin for Firefox, whenever you hover over a URL on any web page, they display a tooltip showing the Page Title, Long URL, and any Click Data they have about the page the URL links to. If you hover over another short URL, , for example, they show the Page Title and Long URL for these links as well. Plus, they check to see if anyone made a link pointing to the same place, and, if so, we show how many clicks it has received. All this info should help you decide if a link is worth checking out or not. You can find the Preview Plugin at

For those that use Chrome, you can also download a Preview Plugin at that allows you to preview metrics and page titles for bitly and bitly Pro links before you click them.

These plugins allow you hover over any URL or other tiny URL services, and be able to see the full URL and page title. Be "socially safe and secure" by remembering to do this *before* you click on the tiny URLs.


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