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SAFE offers a variety of savings accounts to help you meet specific goals, from our basic savings account for everyday use to IRAs to unlock in retirement. Money Market accounts and certificates provide higher dividends to help you grow your money. A healthy savings portfolio may have a combination of savings accounts, and SAFE experts can help you find the best solution for your needs.

At A Glance

Maximize earnings on higher balances while maintaining access to your funds.

Best For...
  • Saving for mid-term goals
  • Earning higher dividends on larger sums than a traditional savings account
  • Funding your account as desired with flexibility to make withdrawals if necessary
At A Glance

Earn higher dividends and lock in funds from three to 72 months.

Best For...
  • Saving for long-term goals
  • Earning higher dividends than what is generally offered on traditional savings and money market accounts
  • Depositing your money for a fixed amount of time without the temptation of accessing your funds
At A Glance

A basic account that earns dividends.

Best For...
  • Everyday savings, flexibility, and easy access to your funds. Earn APY.
At A Glance

Earn dividends while saving for retirement.

Best For...
  • Long-term savings goals. Earn dividends up to APY.

Jump Start Your Savings with Perfect Cents Savings®

Add Perfect Cents Savings® to any SAFE checking account and make saving a breeze! We round up purchases made with your debit card to the nearest whole dollar and transfer the difference to your savings account, making saving effortless!

Perfect Cents Savings Info Graphic

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