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Board Governance

SAFE Credit Union needs YOU

If you love SAFE Credit Union and have business experience, we invite you to consider joining our volunteer Board of Directors (Board).

Our Board works with SAFE’s executive management to ensure every decision is made with our members’ financial well-being in mind and in a manner that complies with all credit union bylaws and government regulations. Board members are active members in the community, helping share the credit union mission and SAFE’s commitment to helping our region thrive. SAFE champions and is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplaces and in our community.

We invite you to consider applying for a Board position (Director) if you have expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Economic, financial, and business matters
  • Organizational leadership
  • Marketing, branding, customer/membership cultivation
  • Information technology, cybersecurity, and digital-based delivery methods
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Customer/member service, product development and delivery efficiency
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Human capital management

Any SAFE member in good standing and at least 18 years of age is eligible to serve on the Board. Refer to the Personal Characteristics, Experience, and Education section for other desirable factors the Nominating Committee seeks when evaluating candidates.

The Board oversees the credit union’s business and affairs, including overseeing management regarding a broad range of subjects, such as strategies and operating plans, capital structure, financial and risk management policies, compensation philosophies, and other matters. As part of its oversight role, the Board considers some of its primary functions to include the following, which are discharged either directly by the Board or through its committees:

  • Ensuring a succession of strong, vital, and meaningful management for the Credit Union
  • Approving and monitoring a comprehensive long-term business strategy
  • Overseeing management in addressing significant external and internal issues facing SAFE
  • Overseeing SAFE’s corporate governance policies, codes of conduct, and legal and regulatory compliance policies
  • Overseeing fundamental financial, business, and risk management strategies and policies, and approving significant corporate actions
  • Providing oversight to SAFE’s financial reporting process and the adequacy of accounting, financial, and internal controls
  • Reviewing SAFE’s executive compensation programs, their effectiveness at both linking executive pay to performance, and aligning the interests of the credit union’s executives with SAFE’s long-term business strategy, and overseeing an entity-wide executive compensation risk assessment

Director candidates should be intellectually and emotionally resilient, able to participate and offer critical review of business matters and have a good understanding of director fiduciary duties. Candidates should be skilled at encouraging open and collegial dialogue with their fellow Board members while building solid working relationships with company management. SAFE recognizes the value of diversity on the board, including gender, race, and ethnicity, and endeavors to promote diversity in nominating candidates for the Board. Additionally, candidates should possess and demonstrate the following attributes/experience, and education background:

  • Highest ethical standards and integrity
  • Willingness to act on and be accountable for Board decisions
  • Able to provide wise, thoughtful counsel on a range of issues
  • A history of achievements reflecting high standards, experiences relevant to challenges currently faced by the company, and willingness to leverage these assets to help shape and advance the company’s strategic goals
  • Forward thinking and strategic, pragmatic and operationally strong, with a commitment to building long-term value
  • Able to take tough positions while being a team player, fostering candor and constructive collaboration
  • Analytical and able to evaluate strategy, business plans, financial issues, and people in a constructive manner
  • Proven leadership skills and credibility with a variety of constituencies
  • Willingness to devote sufficient time to carrying out Director duties and responsibilities effectively, and committed to serve on the Board for the full term
  • Executive, C-suite, or business ownership experience
  • Undergraduate, Master of Business Administration, Juris Doctorate, or other relevant advanced degree

Serving on our Board provides opportunities to network, grow your personal brand, support initiatives that resonate with you while serving our members. It is an opportunity to learn more about governance and leadership. These experiences will help you advance in your career and life. Our Directors are invited to bring their diverse skills and experience to contribute to the overall success of SAFE Credit Union, a low-income designated credit union that focuses on serving all members of our community, including underrepresented populations. Directors receive ongoing education about credit union guidelines, regulations, and other relevant topics to ensure they are equipped with the most up-to-date information needed to put their leadership and management abilities to their best use for our members.

The SAFE Director nomination process commences in August, and the deadline for members to submit nominations is generally within 90 days of SAFE’s Annual Meeting of the Members. Individuals who qualify for credit union Board seats and desire to be placed on the election ballot can be self-nominated through the petition process and must obtain the requisite number of signatures from SAFE members, or may be nominated by members of the current Board. Board elections are held at SAFE’s Annual Meeting of Members.

The Board has four scheduled hybrid, in-person or virtual, meetings each year in January, April, July, and October. The meetings are held in Folsom, CA, or virtually generally on the fourth Thursday of these months. Committee meetings are also held as hybrid meetings, as needed, between regularly scheduled Board meetings.

SAFE Directors are generally elected to serve three-year terms.

Submit a letter of interest and qualifications to the chairperson of the Nominating Committee asking to be considered for a Board position. Include a full description of your background, qualifications, and experience.

Submit your information no later than January 31, 2024 by:

Email: [email protected]


Mail to:
SAFE Credit Union
Attn: Board of Directors Nominating Committee
2295 Iron Point Road, Suite 100
Folsom, CA, 95630

For those seeking nomination by the petition process, email or mail the Board at the addresses above to request the petition instructions.

Board of Directors

  • terrancetremelling

    Terrance Tremelling

    Volunteer since 2006
    SAFE member since 1985

    Read bio »
  • rblumenfeld

    Rick Blumenfeld

    1st Vice Chairperson
    Volunteer since 2014 
    SAFE Member since 2014

    Read bio »
  • jodyporter_web

    Jody Porter

    2nd Vice Chairperson
    Volunteer since 2018
    SAFE Member since 2018

    Read bio »
  • Donald J. Ball Jr.

    Treasurer and 1st Assistant Secretary
    Volunteer since 2020
    SAFE Member since 2020

    Read bio »
  • Sonia Lewis

    Volunteer since 2020
    SAFE Member since 2020

    Read bio »
  • Bernadette Austin

    Bernadette Austin

    Volunteer since 2021
    SAFE member since 2021

    Read bio »
  • rlarkin_web

    Ryan Larkin

    Volunteer since 2021
    SAFE Member since 2012

    Read bio »
  • robertlogue

    Robert E. Logue III

    Volunteer since 2009 
    SAFE Member since 2009

    Read bio »
  • trishrodriguez_web

    Trish Rodriguez

    Volunteer since 2021
    SAFE Member since 2021

    Read bio »
  • Sonbal-Aliabadi

    Sonbol Aliabadi

    Associate Director
    Volunteer since 2022
    SAFE member since 2022

    Read bio »
  • Martha-Lofgren

    Martha Lofgren

    Associate Director
    Volunteer since 2022
    SAFE member since 2017

    Read bio »
  • jamesjefferson

    James Jefferson

    Director Emeritus
    Volunteer since 1994 
    SAFE Member since 1982

    Read bio »
  • ronaldseaman

    Ronald J. Seaman

    Director Emeritus
    Volunteer since 1986
    SAFE Member since 1964

    Read bio »

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