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Kid and Teen Accounts: Milestones Made Simple

Whether you’re opening your child's first savings account, discussing good money habits, or helping your teen pay for college, SAFE offers accounts and valuable financial resources for each life milestone.

Check out our Kid, Teen, and Higher Education options below to start your child’s financial journey!

Kids Accounts
Build the foundation for solid savings habits
Kids Accounts
Build the foundation for solid savings habits

Kids Club Savings Account

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It’s never too early to set your child up for success. A Kids Club Savings account is for children 12 and under, and automatically becomes a Young Member Savings account when they turn 13.

  • $5 minimum deposit to open an account
  • Quarterly Newsletter

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Kid accounts must be opened in-branch. Schedule an appointment or find a branch to get started.

Special Purpose Share Savings Account

Is your child saving up for a new gaming console, a bike, or starting their college fund early? The “You-Name-It” feature in the Special Purpose Share Savings account helps identify and track your child's specific savings goal. Each dollar saved gets them one step closer to that goal line!

  • $5 minimum deposit to open an account

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Add On Certificate

Open an Add On Certificate account so your child can earn dividends on their savings over a 12-month term. This account offers a higher rate than a regular savings account and allows you to continuously add funds during the term, so you and your child can watch their money multiply!

  • $25 minimum deposit to open an account
  • 12-month term
  • Additional deposits can be added continuously throughout the term
  • Automatic rollover to another Add On certificate after maturity

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Financial Education Tools

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These resources will help you set your kids on a path to financial success and make those tricky money conversations fun.

Blog: Make Financial Literacy a Way of Life

Perfect Cents Podcast Episode: Money Conversations with Kids

Webinars on Financial Literacy

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