SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District

SAFE Credit Union is making a 25-year commitment in downtown Sacramento with an investment in the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District. The transformative project will drive economic benefits to downtown and the Greater Sacramento area through increased visitor attraction and spending, creating a healthier business and cultural community. Learn more about SAFE’s commitment to the city of Sacramento and the project.


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  • SAFE CEO and President Dave Roughton at the announcement ceremony
  • SAFE executives and government officials at the announcement ceremony
  • Dave Roughton and government officials
  • SAFE CEO and President Dave Roughton and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg shaking hands
  • SAFE Credit Union Convention & Performing Arts District
  • SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
  • SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
  • SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SAFE making this investment in the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District?
Expansion of the Convention Center complex will lift the area’s economy by strengthening Sacramento’s place as a destination city, increasing visitor spending, and creating a healthier business community. As the region grows, we all benefit from its financial success, including those SAFE has the honor of serving as their financial institution, their neighbors, and local businesses. This partnership is a model for public-private investments -- it drives regional economic growth and expands SAFE’s ability to help even more people achieve financial wellness.

What does SAFE get out of the investment?
In addition to the privilege of being an integral partner in reshaping Sacramento into a top-tier U.S. city, SAFE will receive naming rights to the Convention Center, Community Center Theater, and outdoor plaza. The overall complex will be named the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District. The Convention Center will be named the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center. The Center Theater will be renamed to SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center. The new outdoor plaza will be named the SAFE Credit Union Plaza.

One of the most exciting aspects of this agreement is the expansion of the [email protected] program to City of Sacramento staff, a new, free benefit for employers to address:

  • 85% of Americans are anxious about their financial lives
  • Nearly 1 in 3 employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work
  • 13 hours per month, on average, is spent by employees worrying about money matters at work
  • Financial struggles impact workers across the spectrum, even high-income earners

SAFE and the City will also enter into a depository relationship in which funds will be reinvested locally through the Local Community Investment Pledge. This partnership means more financial resources for City employees, more assistance to members here, and more loans for local small businesses, all keeping dollars at home where they contribute to the growth of our region.

What is the [email protected]/Financial services partnership with the City?
Financial distraction robs employees of their peace of mind – and employers of valuable work hours. [email protected] offers a customizable program with a suite of solutions, both in-person and online, designed to minimize financial distraction while improving employees’ financial health — all at no cost to the employer. Education topics range from budgeting, credit scores, and home-buying seminars to women’s empowerment, identity theft prevention, Medicare, trusts and estate planning, and more. We also provide youth money management courses through SAFE Bite of Reality Fairs where participants practice everyday life simulations making choices they’ll face as they take on adult responsibilities. 

How do you see this investment benefiting SAFE’s members?
As a cooperative financial institution, it is SAFE’s purpose and passion to improve our members’ financial health. This partnership allows us to fulfill this mission on behalf of our members and for all regional residents. When the region thrives, so do the economic opportunities to all who live here. Part of SAFE’s mission is to promote financial health so our members can enjoy life. Studies show that transforming city cores into dynamic business and arts centers lifts an entire region by creating jobs and fostering economic growth. We believe our members will benefit from this exciting reshaping of Sacramento’s downtown and identity.

How does this investment reflect SAFE’s wider culture?
For the past 80 years, we’ve walked side by side with our members, civic leaders, and local businesses to build Sacramento into a vibrant, successful city where people dedicate their hard work and talents to helping our region thrive. This investment and 25-year commitment will help strengthen the Greater Sacramento region by creating jobs, expanding business opportunities, and growing California’s capital into a cultural gem. This partnership will carry SAFE well into our next century, adding members to the credit union movement, fulfilling the mission of improving financial wellness, and solidifying the commitment to prosperity for the region.

How did SAFE enter into this commitment?
SAFE has long been an effective business citizen in the Greater Sacramento area. SAFE worked with the City of Sacramento to bring this opportunity into focus as SAFE leaders learned about the overall positive impact this project will have on Downtown Sacramento and the region as a whole.

Will SAFE offer its banking services at the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District?
SAFE and the City of Sacramento are still working out those details. 

What is SAFE Credit Union’s overall investment?
SAFE Credit Union is committing a total $23 million to be funded over 25 years in support of the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District. 

Where can I learn more about the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District project?
You can learn more about the City of Sacramento’s vision for the project at
You can learn more about upcoming shows, tickets and booking information at
SAFE Credit Union will provide updates on its participation on

Things you may not know about SAFE Credit Union

  • We serve 235,000 members with 20 local branches and about $3 billion in assets
  • Anyone living or working in the Sacramento region can become a member of SAFE
  • Member-owned and not-for-profit
  • Members earn higher rates on savings and access lower rates on home, car and business loans
  • SAFE other services: Wealth management and asset protection
  • [email protected] free employer program for financial education at work
  • Sophisticated mobile app and online banking experience

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