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Insurance & Protection Options

Ensure you have restful, worry-free nights. At SAFE, we make it easy and affordable to plan ahead to protect your family and assets from life’s surprises. Learn more about your options below.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)2

Worry-free protection against unexpected repairs

After spending time and money finding the perfect vehicle, you can safeguard your purchase with a coverage plan designed to financially protect your vehicle from the failure of major mechanical components.1

  • Three different coverage plans to fit your needs
  • Zero deductible for all plans
  • Fast, experienced, and professional claims administration
  • Coverage underwritten by "A"-rated (excellent) insurance companies
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Car rental benefits
  • Tire coverage

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Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)2

Protect yourself in the event your vehicle is totaled or stolen

GAP covers the “gap” between what your car is worth and your auto loan amount. For example:

Original amount borrowed:$18,000
Amount owed at time of loss:$15,000
Vehicle value after 1 year:$10,000
Primary insurance deductible:$500
Total you're responsible for (loan gap):$5,500
GAP coverage may help pay:$5,500
Total estimated out-of-pocket expense with GAP:$0

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TotalRestart Protection2

Protect your vehicle's equity

TotalRestart Protection

  • Helps replace total loss of your vehicle with a similar vehicle
  • Provides coverage beyond loan forgiveness
  • Protects down payment and hard-earned equity

The TotalRestart Protection benefit will be calculated as the difference between the covered vehicle purchase price3 at the TotalRestart contract effective date less the covered vehicle's actual cash value (ACV) 3, up to the maximum benefit amount selected.

Total loss must take place during membership term.

Vehicle purchase price:$24,499
MSRP or NADA clean retail:$25,200
Lesser of purchase price or NADA:$24,499
Primary settlement:$20,300
NADA value at time of loss:$20,800
Greater of primary settlement or NADA:$20,800
TotalRestart Benefit:$3,6993

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American Home Shield®

We cover repairs your homeowners insurance doesn’t.

Don't think of us as insurance. Think of us as a plan to keep your systems and appliances working like they should. We act as a complement to homeowners insurance—helping protect your budget from the cost of repairing or replacing items you depend on every day, like your oven, fridge, or HVAC system.

See the plan agreement for coverage details, including service fees, limitations, and exclusions. Coverage limits and charges for non-covered items may apply.

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myLifeApp Term Life

Life insurance coverage for a specific time period, typically 10 to 30 years.

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myLifeApp Whole Life

Permanent life insurance that remains in force as long as premiums are paid.

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myLifeApp Mortgage Payment Protection

Term life insurance coverage that covers your remaining mortgage payments.

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myLifeApp Income Replacement

Term life insurance coverage that replaces your income.

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TruStage Life Insurance

Take the legwork out of comparison shopping for life insurance by using the TruStage ® Insurance Program. Request a no-obligation insurance quote from TruStage today.

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SAFE Payment Protection (SPP)2

Financial security – letting you worry less and relax more

When you lose your job, experience a serious health problem or even death, SAFE Payment Protection helps protect you, your family, and your credit rating. Payment Protection may cancel loan payments up to a certain amount without penalty, added interest, or being reported delinquent to the credit bureau in the face of certain adverse life events.

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ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance

SAFE Credit Union has teamed up with the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program so they can provide accident and illness coverage for your furry family members. Your pets can keep their current care with their favorite licensed vet, specialist, or emergency clinic, and the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program can help cover the bill. You can customize your deductible, annual coverage, and reimbursement rate to create a plan that works for your budget. It takes just a few minutes to get your coverage started.

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Up to $2,000 AD&D coverage paid for you

There's no cost to you for this credit union-paid accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. Click for full details including exclusions and limitations.

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Recuperative Care Plan Group Accident and Sickness Insurance

With Recovery Benefits from CHUBB, you get paid to get better.

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Hospital Accident Insurance Plan

When an accident puts you in the hospital, you get cash benefits paid directly to you.

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1 The vehicle must be maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications. Refer to the certificate for complete details
2 Auto loan funding decisions are not impacted by a member's decision to purchase or decline MBI, GAP Coverage, or SPP.
3 Subject to Maximum Coverage Limit selected.

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