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Personal Loans

Financing what matters to you, today

The reasons for taking out a personal loan are endless and, well, personal. Some of the most common motives include paying for a wedding, taking a much-deserved vacation, and bill consolidation. No matter what your reason, our financing experts are ready to assist you.

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Green Energy Loans

We love green energy loans because they help you save money and they’re good for the planet! You can finance energy efficient products like EV charging stations, solar panels, dual pane windows, home insulation, whole house fans, electric water heaters, and more. You can even do more than one upgrade within the same loan, up to $25,000.* So why wait? Make your home more comfortable, reduce your monthly utility bill payments, and help protect the environment with a green energy loan from SAFE today.

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*Owner-occupied improvements only. Invoice or contract for cost of improvements required. Rates and terms are based on credit history, term, loan-to value (LTV), and amount financed. Rates, terms, and conditions subject to change.

SAFE Payment Protection

Life can be unpredictable. Learn how SAFE Payment Protection helps protect you, your family, and your credit rating if you’re unexpectedly unemployed, ill, or injured.

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SAFE Platinum Visa® Card

Learn more about our SAFE Platinum Visa® Credit Card, which features our lowest possible rate.

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