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About SAFE

SAFE Management

Our board of directors, audit committee, and executive management team work together to ensure that every decision is made with members’ financial well-being in mind.

Board of Directors

  • Terrance Tremelling

    Volunteer since 2006
    SAFE member since 1985
  • Robert E. Logue III

    1st Vice Chairperson
    Volunteer since 2009 
    SAFE Member since 2009
  • Jody Porter

    2nd Vice Chairperson
    Volunteer since 2018
    SAFE Member since 2018
  • Rick Blumenfeld

    Volunteer since 2014 
    SAFE Member since 2014
  • Sonia Lewis

    Volunteer since 2020
    SAFE Member since 2020
  • Ronald J. Seaman

    Volunteer since 1986
    SAFE Member since 1964
  • Donald Ball

    Volunteer since 2020
    SAFE Member since 2020
  • Trish Rodriquez

    Volunteer since 2021
    SAFE Member since 2021
  • Ryan Larkin

    Volunteer since 2021
    SAFE Member since 2012
  • Bernadette Austin

    Volunteer since 2021
    SAFE member since 2021
  • James Jefferson

    Director Emeritus
    Volunteer since 1994 
    SAFE Member since 1982
  • James W. Hopp

    Director Emeritus
    Volunteer since 2003
    SAFE Member since 1997
  • Herb Long

    Director Emeritus
    Volunteer since 2004
    SAFE Member since 1977
  • Phillip A. Meserve

    Director Emeritus
    Volunteer since 1991
    SAFE Member since 1987

Senior Executive Team

  • Faye Nabhani

    President / CEO
  • Chris Harris

    EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Alexis Fitzpatrick

    EVP, Chief Financial Officer
  • Colleen Nerius

    EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Tiffani Vargas

    EVP, Chief Lending Officer
  • Mike McCarthy

    EVP, Chief Technology Officer
  • Staci Corral

    SVP, Retail Experience
  • Ken Getz

    SVP, Commercial Lending
  • Gina Olson

    SVP, Member Services and Operations
  • Sun Park

    SVP, Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit
  • Allison Yee-Garcia

    SVP, Marketing & Communications
  • Michael Popp

    SVP, Real Estate Lending

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