If you are a federal employee or contractor who has been financially impacted by the partial government shutdown, we are here to help. Please call us at (800) SEE-SAFE during business hours.
About SAFE

SAFE Management

Our board of directors, executive management team, and audit committee work together to ensure that every decision is made with members’ financial well-being in mind.

Board of Directors

  • terrancetremelling

    Terrance Tremelling

    Volunteer since 1985 
    SAFE Member since 1983
  • robertlogue

    Robert E. Logue III

    1st Vice Chairperson
    Volunteer since 1994 
    SAFE Member since 1990
  • rblumenfeld

    Rick Blumenfeld

    Volunteer since 2014 
    SAFE Member since 2014
  • jamesjefferson

    James Jefferson

    Volunteer since 1994 
    SAFE Member since 1982
  • philipmeserve

    Phillip A. Meserve

    Volunteer since 1991
    SAFE Member since 1987
  • katherngaskins

    Kathern L. Gaskins

    Volunteer since 1980 
    SAFE Member since 1968
  • ronaldseaman

    Ronald J. Seaman

    Volunteer since 1986 
    SAFE Member since 1964
  • herblong

    Herb Long

    Volunteer since 2004 
    SAFE Member since 1977
  • johnquattrin

    John Quattrin

    Volunteer since 2006 
    SAFE Member since 2001
  • DylanGottfried

    Dylan Gottfried

    Volunteer since 2014 
    SAFE Member since 2013
  • jodyporter_web

    Jody Porter

    Volunteer since 2018
    SAFE Member since 2018
  • Brian A. Bedford

    Volunteer since 2018
    SAFE Member since 2018
  • jameshopp

    James W. Hopp

    Volunteer since 2003 
    SAFE Member since 1997

Executive Management

  • daveroughton

    Dave Roughton

    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • jamesallen

    James C. Allen

    EVP, Chief Operating Officer
  • chrisharris

    Chris Harris

    EVP, Chief Financial Officer
  • fnabhani_web

    Faye Nabhani

    EVP, Chief Credit Officer
  • colleen_Nerius_web

    Colleen Nerius

    EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • ericwilson_web

    Eric Wilson

    EVP, Chief Information Officer
  • kengetz

    Ken Getz

    SVP, Commercial Lending
  • Tiffani Vargas

    SVP, Real Estate and Consumer Lending
  • paulrigdon

    Paul Rigdon

    VP, Consumer Lending
  • SunPark

    Sun Park

    VP, Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit
  • michaelburnett

    Michael F. Burnett

    VP, Facilities
  • ginao_web

    Gina Olson

    VP, Applications & Planning
  • lbraley_web

    Larry Braley

    VP, Wealth Management
  • stacib_web

    Staci Corral

    VP, Consumer Banking
  • mmcarthy_web

    Mike McCarthy

    VP, IT Operations & Security
  • afitzpatrick_web

    Alexis Fitzpatrick

    VP, Finance
  • edias_web

    Erica Dias

    VP, Marketing and Communications
  • jennifer-santos

    Jenny Santos

    VP, Employee Services
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