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Money Market

Money Market accounts offer higher dividends than a traditional savings account while still providing accessibility to your funds. With higher dividends and flexibility, meeting your savings goals has never been easier.

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Earn competitive rates while keeping your funds readily available.

  • Earn dividends with a straightforward tiered rate based on daily balances.

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Preferred Money Market

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Flexible access to your funds while saving for short-term goals.

Calculate the APY you'll earn with our Preferred Money Market Calculator

  • Earn dividends through our split-rate, tiered-rate structure.  Offers six dividend rate tiers.

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All SAFE Money Market Accounts Feature:

Dividends paid monthly

Dividends from the Money Market account are earned on a monthly basis.

No fees on average daily balances

No fees on average daily balances of $2,000 or more.1

Free online banking and SAFE Mobile App

Download the app and manage your account.2

Overdraft protection

Overdraft protection for your SAFE checking account.


Check-writing ability (six checks may clear per month.)

Insured by NCUA

Funds are federally insured by NCUA to at least $250,000.

Did you know? Money Market Account 101


The dividend rate is the total income for a dividend-yielding asset earned during a fiscal year. For example, if you invest $10, you will first earn dividends on that $10. But every month after, you’ll earn dividends on the $10 plus dividends on your dividends.


APY is the total dividend rate you earn on a deposit account over one year.

Tiered Dividends

A tiered-rate account pays dividends at different rates based on account balances.

Liquid Funds

Money Market products allow you to access your money in person when you need it.

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