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Workplace Financial Wellness

Advance your employees' financial health

The health and vitality of your organization depend on your valued employees. With that in mind, we offer a customizable employer program with a suite of solutions designed to minimize financial distraction while improving your employees’ financial health — at no cost to you. Request more information or contact our Community Relations department.

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Your employees are looking to you for benefits that let them live their best lives. One benefit they resoundingly request is a financial wellness program that provides quality and useful information on saving for retirement, paying for college, handling debt and medical expenses, and more.

  • 88% of employees expect their employers to offer financial support 1
  • 97% of employers feel responsible for employee financial wellness 2


Let's face it, employees stressed over their finances are distracted at work. Increase their job satisfaction and engagement by giving them insights into how they can take charge of their money and improve their financial wellness. When their worries are gone, they can help you take care of business. They'll enjoy financial wellness and you'll enjoy employee retention, increased productivity, and a bigger bottom line.

  • Employees are 6x more likely to say that financial stress has majorly impacted their productivity at work3
  • Employees are 7x more likely to say that financial stress has majorly impacted their attendance at work3
  • 91% of employers are seeing higher employee satisfaction when offering resources to manage overall wellbeing2


Everyone benefits! No matter an employee's income, background, gender, or age, anyone and everyone benefits when they improve their financial wellness. However, some underserved groups trail behind in financial security.2 Tailored programs that speak to their needs and experiences can go a long way in showing your employees you value them.

  • 49% of White/Caucasian employees feel financially well2
  • 37% of Asian employees feel financially well2
  • 33% of Hispanic/Latino employees feel financially well 2
  • 32% of Black/African American employees feel financially well 2


What employers are saying about Workplace Financial Wellness

Aerojet Rocketdyne

"SAFE Credit Union has been a dependable partner for Aerojet Rocketdyne.  SAFE goes above and beyond.  We have worked on a year round calendar of financial wellness events for employees, supported by SAFE."

— Sr. Human Resources Manager


"We consider SAFE Credit Union a true community partner and appreciate the spirit in which they give their time and talent in partnership to uplift our community. Serving on our Foundation board, helping our employees with Financial Wellness, working shoulder-to-shoulder with our employees and our partners to conquer large projects in hours are just a few ways that SAFE truly demonstrates that community and Seniors Matter!"

— Manager Volunteer Resources

Micron Technology, Inc.

"Thank you to SAFE Credit Union for being a wonderful corporate partner and providing the Micron Technology employees with valuable financial workshops. SAFE has been able to educate our employees on budgeting, purchasing a home or car, how to stop identity theft and so much more."

— Finance/HR/IT Administrative Assistant

Red Hawk Casino

"Red Hawk's collaboration with SAFE Credit Union has added real value to the many perks our company already offers.  They continue to educate our team members about Financial Wellness with enthusiasm and vigor.  We look forward to a continued successful relationship.”

— HR Benefits Coordinator

Partner with SAFE

SAFE supports employee productivity, retention, and satisfaction though services customized to meet the unique needs of your employees – and organization. Learn how adding our suite of financial health services to your employee benefits package can help you solidify your position as an employer of choice. Request more information or contact our Community Relations department.

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