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Workplace Financial Wellness

Financial wellness benefits are essential for the overall well-being of your employees and your business. Nearly all employees – a whopping 92% – say they are stressed about their personal finances.* That stress spills over into the workplace by leading employees to lose over a day of productive work every week.*

Financial Wellness Team

Your employees look to you to provide a healthy mix of benefits, including financial wellness benefits that go beyond retirement savings plans and health savings accounts. Some of their most requested financial benefits include help with building an emergency savings fund, debt management services, and homeownership services.

SAFE is Here to Help
The SAFE Credit Union Workplace Financial Wellness Team brings the tools and expertise to improve your employees' financial well-being through solutions that help your employees learn ways to manage their money to gain peace of mind. All at no cost to you.

Explore below the ways SAFE can help you support your employees, improve recruitment and retention, and increase morale and productivity.

  • On-demand learning modules on topics ranging from savings tactics, debt management, homebuying and preparing for retirement.
  • Budgeting tools that help people better track their income, expenses, and assets to use their money wisely.
  • Interactive resources that improve learning.


  • Online and in-person financial learning sessions on a variety of topics provided by our certified financial educators.


  • Civic engagement activities, chambers, associations, etc.
  • New employee orientations
  • Health and wellness fairs (financial education)


  • SAFE partners with nonprofit organizations by encouraging SAFE employees to volunteer to help organizations serve the community.


Budget Cents by SAFE Credit Union provides real-world personal finance insights to teenagers and young adults using an engaging budgeting simulation. Participants work within a certain budget to figure out just how much they can spend a month on housing, food, transportation, and incidentals without running out of funds. The Budget Cents program stands out for reflecting the current cost of living in the Greater Sacramento region, so participants obtain a genuine scope of the financial decisions they'll make as adults.

Check out the Budget Cents page to learn more about this program or bring Budget Cents to your school!


What employers are saying about Workplace Financial Wellness

Workforce Inclusion

"SAFE Credit Union has been an excellent partner to PRIDE Industries in providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The entire SAFE team is dedicated to an inclusive and supportive place to work where people are set up for success and feel they belong.

— Caryl Balko, Employment Specialist

Sacramento Employment & Training Agency

" As an agency that is highly concerned about the wellness of our employees, we turn to our partnerships to help provide valuable resources for our staff. SAFE Credit Union, particularly Mr. Alex Becerra, our SAFE Service Ambassador, has been a huge asset to helping us provide resources such as monthly newsletters, webinar schedules, participation in wellness campaigns and in working with our Workforce Development team with SMUD high school interns. SAFE Credit Union, and Mr. Becerra, are a valued part of our wellness program and we look forward to our continued relationship and dedication to the financial health and wellness of our staff."

— Bevan Richardson, Human Resources Manager

Meet our Relationship Managers

  • Debbie Holden

    Community Development Manager
  • Alex Becerra

    Relationship Manager
  • Joey Cuevas

    Relationship Manager
  • Karen Shahhosseini

    Relationship Manager

Partner with SAFE

SAFE supports employee productivity, retention, and satisfaction through services customized to meet the unique needs of your employees – and organization. Learn how adding our suite of financial health services to your employee benefits package can help you solidify your position as an employer of choice. Request more information or contact our Community Relations department.

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