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Financial Wellness for YOU

At SAFE Credit Union, we're committed to supporting your financial well-being to empower your future. This page provides online learning, personalized for you. If you already have a topic of interest, go directly to the Financial Guides section, and choose your preferred topic. Otherwise, we suggest starting at the top of the list and working your way down. Remember, we're here for you, every step of the way.

Financial Guides

Which financial topic do you want to focus on? Check out our comprehensive tools, live and recorded trainings, and relevant blogs for each topic and learn something new today!

Developing healthy financial habits such as creating a savings budget and building an emergency fund will help set you up for long-term financial success. Use our tools to support your savings goals and prepare for the future.

Without a plan, monthly spending can spin out of control. By using our monthly budget worksheet, Money Management Tool, and Creating a Budget guide, you’ll be well on your way to prioritizing your necessary monthly payments and having money left over for things you want, too.

Loans can help pay for everyday purchases or large-ticket items. But taking out a loan also means taking on more responsibility, including making on-time payments and making sure your loan payment fits within your monthly budget. Explore the tools we’ve compiled to learn about types of loans, best ways to pay them back, and how your credit score can be affected. 

We know you have goals and aspirations, but often you need a solid plan to reach them. We’re here to help! Check out our comprehensive tools, trainings, and podcasts below. We also have trusted financial advisors who can support you in achieving financial peace of mind. Make an appointment today. 

Perfect Cents Podcast

Tune in to SAFE Credit Union’s new Perfect Cents podcast. Our hosts and expert guests will bring you insights on how to improve your financial well-being and ways SAFE is supporting and making an impact in our local communities.

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Financial Blogs


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