If you are a federal employee or contractor who has been financially impacted by the partial government shutdown, we are here to help. Please call us at (800) SEE-SAFE during business hours.
SAFE takes your health seriously and is following health officials' guidelines for the COVID-19 coronavirus. All branches remain open, and digital banking services, CALL-24, ATMs, and call center are available.

Special assistance for SAFE members affected by COVID-19 pandemic

SAFE Credit Union knows that this is an uncertain time for our members. That’s why we are offering a number of services to help you bridge lost income and help give you financial peace of mind. We encourage you to use these convenient links to submit your request.

Skip-A-Pay Home Loans Emergency Loans


In response to COVID-19, SAFE is expanding its Skip-A-Pay program to include:

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal loans, including Share Secured Loans, Quick Cash, and Capital Power Lines of Credit
  • Vehicle loans


  • You may request to defer up to two payments on each type of account listed above.
  • The loan/credit card must be at least six months old and not more than 45 days past due at the time of your request.
  • Under the pandemic response program, there is no fee, and former skipped payments do not impact your ability to participate.
  • Finance charges will continue to accrue during the deferral period and for loans, total finance charges and number of payments may be higher than originally disclosed.

Get started

  1. Log in to your account on safecu.org or on the Mobile App.
  2. Choose “Additional Services”
  3. Choose “Skip-A-Pay”
  4. Fill out the form for your vehicle loan, personal loan, or credit card account.

Get Started


Home Loans

If you are able to make your mortgage payments, please continue to do so through SAFE’s Online Banking and Mobile App. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19, you may request to temporarily pause your mortgage payments. This is called forbearance.

How does forbearance work?

  • Forbearance plans are not payment forgiveness plans. The amount not paid during the forbearance period will still need to be paid.
  • During the forbearance period, we will suspend negative credit reporting and late charge assessments for up to 100 days.
  • Once the forbearance period is over, any paused payments will need to be repaid in one of several ways:
    • As a lump sum.
    • Through a repayment plan in which an extra amount will be added to your regular mortgage payment to cover the amount you owe from the forbearance.
    • Through a loan modification. We will work with you on this option if you are unable to pay the lump sum or through the repayment program.

Important note: Please continue to make your mortgage payments until you’ve been approved for a forbearance plan.

Can I get payment forgiveness from SAFE instead?

We know that some announcements in the news may have led you to believe that your mortgage company can waive your upcoming payments or offer payment forgiveness. However, SAFE complies with applicable agency guidelines. During this pandemic, the agencies are offering forbearance as an immediate relief option for homeowners who need assistance. They have not made payment forgiveness available at this time. We’ll keep you updated with any new information we have.

To learn more

If you are interested in exploring forbearance to cope with financial challenges due to COVID-19, please contact SAFE’s mortgage servicer to request a mortgage payment deferral.


Pandemic Emergency Assistance Loans

SAFE Credit Union is offering current members loan options to help with financial challenges caused by COVID-19. To further assist with your needs, the first monthly payment on these loans is not due for 60 days.1

Choose the loan that’s right for you:

Amount Term APR2 Payment Example
$1,200 12 Months 0% Monthly payment on a $1,200 loan at 0% APR is $100.00/month.
$2,500 24 Months 0% when certain criteria met.3 Otherwise, 5.00% APR Monthly payment on a $2,500 loan at 0% APR is $104.17. Monthly Payment on a $2,500 loan at 5.00% is $110.13.
$5,000 36 Months 0% when certain criteria met.3 Otherwise, 5.00% APR Monthly payment on a $5,000 loan at 0% APR is $138.89. Monthly payment on a $5,000 loan at 5.00% APR is $150.47.

Get started

  1. Log in to your account on safecu.org or on the SAFE Mobile App.
  2. Select “Pandemic Emergency Loan” from the the main menu at the top of Online Banking or from the ”More” tab in the Mobile App.
  3. Fill out the application.

Get started

1 All loans subject to approval. Interest (when applicable) will accrue during the deferment of first payment. 2 All APRs listed are accurate as of 04/01/2020 and subject to change. 3 At the time of application, must be a member with an active SAFE checking account plus at least one of the following criteria: (a) direct deposit, (b) active checking has been open for longer than six (6) months, or (c) a SAFE Visa® credit card, vehicle loan, personal loan, equity loan/line, or mortgage.