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Perfect Cents Savings® rounds up each SAFE Visa® debit card purchase to the next whole dollar amount. At the end of the day, the "change" from all your purchases is directly transferred from your SAFE checking account to the SAFE savings account of your choice.

The more you shop with your SAFE Visa® Debit Card, the more you save. Best of all, everything is automatic – so saving is effortless:

  • As you make debit card purchases, your transactions will post to your SAFE checking account for the exact amount of each purchase.
  • At the end of each day, the total "change" resulting from all purchases will be posted as a single transfer from your checking to your linked savings account. These transfers will be identified on your eStatements as "Perfect Cents."

To enroll in Perfect Cents Savings during business hours, with a helpful SAFE representative now or call (916) 979-7233 or
(800) SEE-SAFE.

To enroll after normal business hours, fill out the following enrollment form:

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