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Forbes Top creditYOUnion

It’s official! SAFE Credit Union is ranked one of the best credit unions in the state. Forbes surveyed our members, and you said you appreciate our branch and digital banking services. You love our customer and financial services. But the category you beating heart the most is trust. You trust us to provide the products and services that help you improve your financial well-being. If you’re not a member yet, give us a try to discover all that truly makes SAFE one of the best credit unions in California. Learn more about all the other ways we shine for you.

Forbes Top Credit Union Award

Start earning cash back in time for the holidays

Earn 3% on essentials that really add up, 5% on rotating bonus categories, and 1% on everything else. The SAFE Cash Rewards Visa Signature® Credit Card truly earns you unlimited cash back!*


Choose a favorite 5% bonus category 4x a year

With SAFE Cash Rewards credit cards, earn 5% cash back on bonus categories you choose. Take a look at our current options, including Amazon.**


Enjoy unique lifestyle and travel benefits

Whether you’re exploring new places or having a night in, you’ll get even more out of each moment when your card says Visa Signature.®

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