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Personal Online and Mobile Banking

Digital Wallet

Securely store and use your SAFE Credit Union debit and credit cards on your mobile device – like smartphones and smartwatches – to easily make purchases on the go at participating businesses. 

Shopping made easy

Add your SAFE debit and credit cards to a digital wallet on your mobile device.

Shop with a merchant that accepts digital wallet payments.

Choose the SAFE card you would like to use from your digital wallet at checkout and complete your purchase.


Add your SAFE accounts to your favorite digital wallet: Apple Pay ®, Samsung Pay ®, Google Pay™, Garmin Pay™, and Fitbit Pay™.

Apple Pay
Samsung Pay
Google Pay
Garmin Pay
Fitbit Pay

Take the express lane online

With Visa® Click To Pay, easily pay online at your favorite stores with a single sign-in. Plus, your payment and shipping information is securely saved, making online shopping even more convenient.

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