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Direct Deposit

Save yourself a visit to a branch or ATM to deposit a paper check by setting up direct deposit with SAFE. Direct deposit can also help you build savings effortlessly when you direct a portion of your paycheck into your preferred SAFE savings account.

Fast, convenient, and secure

In many cases, direct deposit allows you to receive your paycheck or federal benefit payments1 such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), VA Compensation, and pension a day early2.

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Provide your payroll office with the SAFE Credit Union routing number (321173742) and your SAFE account number (also called the ACH number) where you would like your check deposited. To find your account number:

  • Log in to Online Banking or the SAFE Mobile App
  • Click on the account you want the account number for
  • Click "Account Details"
  • You will see the account number.

If your payroll office requires a blank check from your account to verify the information, be sure to write VOID on the check.

Special message regarding new account numbers implemented after April 12, 2022
SAFE changed account numbers due to a system upgrade effective April 12, 2022. SAFE will continue to honor transactions made on accounts using former account numbers for a little over a year after the system upgrade, through June 30, 2023. This includes direct deposits.

You may use your current checks until June 2023 for reference to set up direct deposit until you order new ones. You can also visit one of our branches to assist you with a direct deposit form you can provide to your employer.

You can print a copy of the SAFE direct deposit form.


Locating Your Account number

Your account number is often used by merchants, government agencies, and others to directly pull money from or deposit funds directly into your account. Here's how to find your account numbers through SAFE's Online Banking and Mobile App.

  • Log in to Online Banking or the SAFE Mobile App
  • Select the account you want the account number for
  • Select "Account Details"
  • Locate your account number

Sign up for recurring deposit of federal benefit payments

Have the following information available:

  • Your Social Security number or claim number
  • 12-digit federal benefit check number
  • Amount of most recent federal benefit check
  • SAFE's routing transit number (321173742)
  • Your SAFE account number (also called the ACH number) and the type of account (checking, savings, or money market) 

Direct Deposit Check

To apply:

  1. Online: Go to Go Direct and follow the instructions
  2. By mail: Print, complete, and mail FMS Form 1200 to:
    Go Direct Processing Center
    U.S. Department of the Treasury MS/GDW
    PO Box 650527
    Dallas, TX 75265-0527
  3. By phone: Call the U.S. Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at (800) 333-1795 Monday through Friday, 5 a.m.-5 p.m. PT or contact the local office of the agency providing your federal benefits.

If you have any questions regarding electronic transactions, chat now with a helpful SAFE representative or call (916) 979-7233 or (800) SEE-SAFE.

1 The United States Treasury Deposit requires federal benefit payments to be made electronically. 2 Subject to receipt from originator and other terms and conditions.


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