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March 13, 2017 • 
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Sophisticated Smishing Campaign Targeting Sacramento Area

Sophisticated Smishing Campaign Targeting Sacramento Area

SAFE Credit Union’s Card Services Department has been alerted by another large Credit Union in our area that some of their members have been targeted by a sophisticated Smishing (similar to email phishing, but text messaging based) scam focused on stealing debit and credit card information. Be on the alert for this scam. Specifically, targeted members receive a text message on their mobile phone that appears to be from a local Credit Union asking the member to call in using the displayed phone number. When those receiving the text call the number listed, they are being prompted by an automated message to enter in their card number, expiration date and pin. 

Recently it has been reported that a few SAFE members have received this Smish.  

Please remember SAFE (or any other financial institution) will NEVER send a text or email to request your personal or financial account information.  You should NOT respond to the phone number, but if you did, and believe you might have been compromised or targeted, then you should contact the SAFE Call Center at (916) 971-2370 right away to report it. 


Smishing Defined:  A method used to send malicious “text” messages. Smishing scams frequently seek to direct the text message recipient to visit a web site or call a cell phone number.

Example text from this campaign:

Smishing Text Example

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