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Researching home loans can be overwhelming – how do you know what option is best suited for your needs? That’s where scheduling time to talk with a SAFE Mortgage Officer fits in. To help you prepare for that discussion, below is a high-level overview of the key benefits of both fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages and the home loan options SAFE offers.

For home purchase, refinance or tap into your home equity, please call (916) 971-2599 or schedule an appointment.

Explore home loan options

If you’re a first-time home buyer, we have flexible loan options designed for you.

  • Down payment as low as 3%
  • Flexible sources of funds for down payment
  • Low, fixed interest rate
  • Innovative underwriting options can include non-occupant borrower(s)
  • Affordable mortgage insurance compared to standard requirements
  • Minimum credit score of 620 – check your credit score 

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The benefit to having a fixed rate loan is that your rate and monthly payment stays the same throughout the term of your loan. This option is best if you see yourself living in your home for many years to come and want to budget around a consistent payment amount.

SAFE can help you take advantage of:

  • Competitive rates
  • Down payment as low as 3% down.
  • Various term available (10, 15, 30 and 40)

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Rates and Disclosures


With an adjustable-rate mortgage, your interest rate is fixed for a specific period of time. After that, the interest rate adjust. This option is a great choice if you plan to move or refinance in a few years.

  • We offer 10/6, 7/6, 5/6 and 5/1 Adjustable-Rate programs.
  • Up to 90% loan to value
  • Loan amounts up to 1.5 million

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Rates and Disclosures


If you are an eligible service member, veteran or surviving spouse, take advantage of the VA loan benefits.

  • Up to 100% financing
  • More flexible qualification guidelines
  • Competitive rates

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Jumbo Home Loans exceed California's conforming loan limits of $766,550 for a single-family home. These loans have a down payment as low as 10% and are offered with a fixed or adjustable rate. A SAFE Home Loan Professional can help you decide which option is best for you.

  • Loan amounts up to 1.5 million
  • Competitive rates

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Rates and Disclosures


Save thousands* with SAFE HomeRewards

Insurance Services

SAFE has partnered with Newzip to give you a concierge real estate experience. Newzip will match you with a vetted real estate agent in your local area that’s best fitted to your specific needs. And by using a Newzip real estate agent, you can save thousands on closing costs with SAFE HomeRewards.

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*Home buyers who utilize Newzip's agent matching service will receive HomeRewards in the form of credit at closing equal to 0.5% of the home sale price. Home sellers who utilize Newzip's agent matching service will save 1% in the form of a discounted agent listing fee.


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