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Earn Travel and Merchandise Rewards

The SAFE Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card offers one reward point with every $1 spent in qualifying new net retail purchases. Every purchase you make earns you points toward travel, merchandise, gift cards, and much more. Plus, when offered, you can take advantage of promotional point bonuses to boost your rewards balance.

Here’s how your rewards account works:

  1. Create your rewards account at
  2. Use your SAFE Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card to make everyday purchases.
  3. Through the rewards website, review your statement and reward balance, explore redemption options, and redeem points anytime3, anywhere.
Earn Cash Rewards

Earn Cash Rewards

The SAFE Cash Rewards Visa® Card allows you to earn unlimited cash rewards: 5% cash back on one revolving bonus category of your choice + 3% when you dine at restaurants, or buy groceries or gas + 1% on everything else.

You choose how to apply your cash rewards:

  • Apply them to your card balance
  • Deposit them into your SAFE account
  • Donate them to charity

1 Points include taxes and fees. Baggage fees not included. Price is not guaranteed until booking is completed. 2 Point value accurate as of 12/29/2016, and subject to change. Point requirements assigned to any Award are subject to change from time to time without notice, and Awards may be substituted at any time. Refer to ScoreCard Catalog for complete ScoreCard Bonus Point Program Rules, or visit the ScoreCard website at 3 You will receive a statement quarterly identifying the number of available bonus points earned. Bonus points expire in 60 months. For Bonus Point questions, please contact the ScoreCard Service Center at 1-800-854-0790.

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