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Learn to be Mindful with Your Money

August 10, 2021
9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
20-minute webinar followed
by a 10-minute Q&A session
Brought to you by our SAFE Financial Educator:
  • JasonFonseca_speaker
Jason Fonseca
Financial Wellness Content Designer, SAFE Credit Union

Being mindful with your money is the simple process of understanding your finances and creating an intentional plan to improve your overall financial behaviors. Join SAFE’s Financial Wellness Team to explore new ways to bring mindfulness into your financial life.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Mindfulness and its connection to budgeting
  • How mindfulness relates to spending
    • Tips to decrease mindless spending


    Jason Fonseca, financial educator at SAFE Credit Union, has spent the past decade educating residents of the Greater Sacramento area on how to create a successful financial and professional future! Through relatability, an infectious sense of humor, and firsthand knowledge of numerous sections of the financial industry, Jason provides entertaining workshops that aim to better the way you handle your finances so you can better enjoy life. While Jason is often traveling all over Sacramento and surrounding counties, he enjoys finding the free moments to spend time with his lovely wife and his very busy toddler son.

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