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CUNA Warns of Phishing Ads Regarding Member Recruitment

CUNA, Credit Union National Association, has reported a phishing attempt that is targeting credit union members nationally.  The new phishing-scam attempt informs recipients about "member recruitment."

Advertisements have been posted on Craigslist as part of member recruitment scams.  These ads solicit current credit union members and offer $75.00 or more for their assistance in gaining membership for ineligible individuals.

The following are samples of Craigslist ads which target credit union members for this recruitment scam:

If your a ABC Credit Union Member MAKE SOME EXTRA $$
This is NOT a scam! I am willing to call you and discuss extensively! I need a ABC Credit Union Member to sponsor me into the credit union. I am willing to pay $100 USD for this service. Please email me and we can discuss this in detail. This is a 1 day process and I want to become a member for investment account/interest rate purposes.

Need to find a XYZ Credit Union Member
I was just approved for a visa credit card with XYZ Federal Credit Union and they called me and said that they can not process the application if I do not know any existing member or if I am not employed at one of the list of companies they have. To become a member you have to know a member. So now my app is on hold until I can find someone who is already a member. If you know someone, please tell them to contact me.  I am willing to pay $500. And all they ask for is the members name and member number. Thanks.

ABC and XYZ Members Needed!!!
If you are a ABC or XYZ Federal Credit Union member we will pay you $75.00 per member to sponsor other that would like to join the credit union but do not meet the membership requirements. Please email for details.
Following thorough identification and verification processes for new members and new accounts are critical for preventing fraudsters from infiltrating your credit union.

If you are unsure about any ads, feel you have been affected by this scam or your personal data has been compromised, please contact SAFE's call center immediately at (916) 979-7233 or (800) 733-7233.

Click here for more information about phishing and how you can avoid the bait!

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