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VISA - Western Union Vishing (Phone) Scam


Do not give out personal financial information on the phone, especially your Social Security number, credit card information including the 3 digit security code unless you initiated the call are and certain with whom you’re speaking.

RECENT EXAMPLE: VISA / Western Union Vishing (Phone) Scam

Please beware of a new phishing attempt where a purported representative from VISA (Fraudster) calls regarding fraudulent activity on your account. The fraudulent caller will ask for your card number, expiration date and offer to provide you with a 4 digit code: A fraudulent caller from Western Union will call back and ask for the 4 digit code previously provided.

DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE CALL – HANG UP! And call VISA’s Fraud Department (866- ID-HOTLINE). This call is a very elaborate attempt to get you to release your VISA card number, the 3 digit security code and expiration date to the fraudster. Once obtained, the fraudster has all the information needed to make transactions against your account.

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