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Mortgage Officers

SAFE has experienced Mortgage Officers ready to help with all your home financing needs!
Please select the SAFE Branch closest to you:

Or, choose the Mortgage Officer below that is closest to your location.

Sunrise and Bradshaw
Jason Cruce Jason Cruce, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 286791

Mobile (916) 936-5903

Email jason.cruce@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Joe Gomez Joe Gomez, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 1023111

Mobile (916) 213-9974

Email joe.gomez@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Watt and El Camino
Peter Hurley Peter Hurley, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 369247

Mobile (916) 936-5334

Email peter.hurley@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Roseville, Lincoln, Watt, El Camino, Citrus Heights, Sunrise, Bradshaw, Granite Bay, and Rocklin
Casey Jenkins Casey Jenkins, Mortgage Sales Manager
NMLS # 536639
Mobile (916) 468-3723

Email casey.jenkins@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Antelope and McClellan
Justin Mendonca, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 1023302
Mobile (916) 533-1850

Email justin.mendonca@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Rancho Cordova
Kurt Munch Kurt Munch, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 231377
Mobile (916) 292-0698

Email kurt.munch@safecu.org,
or request a call.

West Sacramento and Natomas
Shelly Sanada Shelly Sanada, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 1230589
Mobile (916) 915-2945

Email shelly.sanada@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Rocklin and Granite Bay
Brandi Schaefer Brandi Schaefer, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 536637

Mobile (916) 915-2068

Email brandi.schaefer@safecu.org,
or request a call.

East Sacramento & Galleria
Leslie Shull

Leslie Shull, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 1070476

Mobile (916) 936-7188

Email leslie.shull@safecu.org,
or request a call.

East Elk Grove and Laguna
Chris Singh

Chris Singh, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 536635

Mobile (916) 468-9743

Email chris.singh@safecu.org,
or request a call.

West Roseville and Lincoln
Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 9779

Mobile (916) 715-8616

Email ryan.smith@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Citrus Heights
Zach Steele

Zach Steele, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 500783

Mobile (916) 936-6568

Email zach.steele@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Hazel and Folsom
Karen Swanson Karen Swanson, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 449724
Mobile (916) 812-8041

Email karen.swanson@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Call Center, East Elk Grove, Laguna, Galleria, Hazel, Folsom, East Sacramento, and Rancho Cordova
Dave Waldschmidt, Manager, Mortgage Sales
NMLS # 304987
Mobile (916) 671-9505

Email dave.waldschmidt@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Pleasant Hill Mortgage Lending Office
Brad Barroso Brad Barroso, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 1330794

Mobile (925) 421-5264

Email brad.barroso@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Bill Erb Bill Erb, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 390491

Mobile (925) 421-5677

Email bill.erb@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Diane Hicks, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 247371

Mobile (925) 876-2755

Email diane.hicks@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Shadeed Salim, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 374959

Mobile (925) 332-6478

Email shadeed.salim@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Call Center Support and Rancho Cordova
Jayne Anderson Jayne Anderson, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 536640

Mobile (916) 796-3046
Office (916) 971-6481
Toll-Free (800) SEE-SAFE, ext. 6481

Email jayne.anderson@safecu.org,
or request a call.

Matt Glasco Matt Glasco, Senior Mortgage Officer
NMLS # 536636

Mobile (916) 915-2077
Office (916) 971-2233
Toll-Free (800) SEE-SAFE, ext. 2233

Email matt.glasco@safecu.org,
or request a call.

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