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SAFE certificates provide a great way to lock in higher rates for a specific term ranging from three to 72 months. SAFE offers a variety of certificates, including Bump Up, and Add On.  All of our certificate products are available as individual retirement accounts as well.

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Earn higher dividends on your balances, with terms ranging from three to 72 months.


As high as
With a minimum deposit of $500

As high as
With a minimum deposit of $25,000


to months

Bump Up Certificate

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Take advantage of a rate increase if one becomes available during your 12 or 24-month certificate term.


With a term of

With a term of

Minimum Deposit



At A Glance
Add money to the certificate during the term, as much and as often as you’d like, during the 12-month term.
Minimum Deposit

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of and subject to change. Dividends paid monthly. Certificate penalties for early withdrawal may apply. Fees may reduce earnings on accounts.

All SAFE Certificates Feature:

Automatic rollover

When a certificate matures, the certificate holder has a certain number of days to move the proceeds to another account. If they do nothing, SAFE automatically reinvests the proceeds into a new certificate with the same maturity as the original one.

Withdraw earned dividends without penalty

Dividend payments are credited monthly and may be withdrawn without penalty at any time.

Insured by NCUA

Funds are federally insured by NCUA to at least $250,000.

Did you know? Certificates 101


The dividend rate is the total income for a dividend-yielding asset earned during a fiscal year. For example, if you invest $10, you will first earn dividends on that $10. But every month after, you’ll earn dividends on the $10 plus dividends on your dividends.


APY is the total amount of dividends you earn on a deposit account over one year.

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