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Your smartphone now takes plastic!

Intuit GoPayment offers a fast, easy, and commitment-free way for you to accept credit cards wherever you need to do business. Simply plug your FREE credit card reader into your smartphone or tablet and start accepting credit card payments on-the-go.

With Intuit GoPayment:

  • Easily accept credit cards wherever you need to do business, so you will never miss a sale.
  • Receive a FREE card reader compatible with your iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM-enabled device.
  • Avoid start-up costs, a long-term contract, and cancellation fees.
  • Pay as little as a 1.7% swiped transaction rate.
  • Secure transactions through an encrypted reader.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks to make it easier to manage your finances.

GoPayment is convenient and fun to use. It's great for people who just want to accept a credit card payment now and then, and for anyone running a small to medium-sized business.

Best of all, it comes from the personal and business finance experts at Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, Mint, and QuickBooks, so you know it's both reliable and safe. Try GoPayment now and start growing your business!

SAFE Exclusive Offer: Start now and pay no monthly service fee for 30 days!

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