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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can SAFE provide a $2,000 benefit at no cost?
A. The cost is borne by SAFE Credit Union as a benefit to our members. However, you must enroll to participate.

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Q. I have more than one account, and I received the offer for each account. May I enroll more than once?
A. No, only one free coverage is provided per member. Also, only one member per account will be provided free coverage, even for a joint account.

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Q. Instead of enrolling myself, may I enroll a family member who is not a member of the credit union?
A. No, family members may be insured only through family benefits associated with member's coverage (except for family members over age 18, who must have their own accounts).

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Q. My son (or daughter) is in the military. Is he (or she) covered while on duty?
A. Yes, benefits would not be paid for losses resulting directly or indirectly from war, whether or not declared.  Other limitations would apply as explained in the sales brochure and certificate.
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Q. Does this plan cover illness?
A. No, this plan covers losses from accidental injury only.

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Q. When will I receive my certificate of insurance?
A. Within a few days of the effective date.

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Q. When will my coverage become effective?

If enrollment received by

Insurance is effective

Dec 15

Jan 1

Mar 15

Apr 1


July 1

Sept 15

Oct 1

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Q. Can I change my beneficiary?
A. Yes, obtain a change form from the credit union, indicate your new beneficiary and sign the form.  Return it to the credit union, who will forward it to the administrator.

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Q. Can I be billed directly?
A. No, you will be billed directly only if funds are insufficient or your account has been frozen.

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Q. I can't find my policy. Can I obtain a duplicate?
A. Yes, contact the administrator Affinion at (877) 309-6576.  Provide your name, account number or certificate reference number and current address. An optional duplicate certificate will be promptly sent. A free basic duplicate policy will be sent within two weeks.

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