Personal Events and Webinars

Understanding, Building and Maintaining Good Credit

January 27, 2021
9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
20-minute webinar followed
by a 10-minute Q&A session
Brought to you by our SAFE Financial Educator:
  • JasonFonseca_speaker
Jason Fonseca
Financial Education Specialist, SAFE Credit Union

Your credit score is one of the most critical components of your overall financial wellness. Lenders use it to determine whether you can receive certain loans and the rates you’ll pay on credit card accounts. Insurance companies use it to determine your rates. And it can even be used by employers to decide whether you are eligible for certain jobs. Now, more than ever, having a good credit score is essential in order to take advantage of financial solutions that may provide relief during times of uncertainty. 

Learn how your credit rating is determined and what steps you can take to build and maintain good credit. Topics include:

  • the importance of credit
  • where to obtain your free credit report
  • five things that affect your credit rating
  • steps to take to rebuild or repair your credit if necessary
  • how to build, improve, and maintain your good credit rating


Jason Fonseca, financial educator at SAFE Credit Union, has spent the past decade educating residents of the Greater Sacramento area on how to create a successful financial and professional future! Through relatability, an infectious sense of humor, and firsthand knowledge of numerous sections of the financial industry, Jason provides entertaining workshops that aim to better the way you handle your finances so you can better enjoy life. While Jason is often traveling all over Sacramento and surrounding counties, he enjoys finding the free moments to spend time with his lovely wife and his very busy toddler son.


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