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  • jerson

    Jayne Anderson

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Call Center
    Mobile: (916) 796-3046
    NMLS# 536640

    Learn more about Jayne

  • MO_dazimi_380x350px

    Damian Azimi

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    West Roseville, Land Park and Granite Bay
    Mobile: (916) 936-8074
    NMLS# 274241

    Learn more about Damian

  • bbarroso

    Brad Barroso

    Senior Mortgage Officer, CMPS
    Call Center
    Mobile: (916) 597-4063
    NMLS# 1330794

    Learn more about Brad

  • berb

    Bill Erb

    Mortgage Sales Team Lead
    Pleasant Hill
    Mobile: (925) 421-5677
    NMLS# 390491

    Learn more about Bill

  • dhicks

    Diane Hicks

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Pleasant Hill
    Mobile: (925) 876-2755
    NMLS# 247371

    Learn more about Diane

  • MO_kkessler_380x350px

    Kurt Kessler

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Pleasant Hill
    Mobile: (925) 246-2175
    NMLS# 365130

    Learn more about Kurt

  • skorosec

    Samo Korosec

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Mobile: (916) 597-3333
    NMLS# 1253361

    Learn more about Samo

  • jmendonca

    Justin Mendonca

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Sunrise and Roseville
    Mobile: (916) 533-1850
    NMLS# 1023302

    Learn more about Justin

  • mo_kevinmiles_380x350px

    Kevin Miles

    Mortgage Officer
    Call Center
    Mobile: (916) 971-6484
    NMLS# 1803077

    Learn more about Kevin

  • kmunch

    Kurt Munch

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Citrus Heights, and North Natomas
    Mobile: (916) 292-0698
    NMLS# 231377

    Learn more about Kurt

  • Kingsley Ogwudire

    Kingsley Ogwudire

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    El Camino and Galleria
    Mobile: (916) 439-9623
    NMLS# 1023202

    Learn more about Kingsley

  • MO_ssalim_380x350px

    Shadeed Salim

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Pleasant Hill
    Mobile: (925) 332-6478
    NMLS# 374959

    Learn more about Shadeed

  • bschaefer

    Brandi Schaefer

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Mobile: (916) 915-2068
    NMLS# 536637

    Learn more about Brandi

  • csingh

    Chris Singh

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    East Elk Grove, Laguna, and Watt
    Mobile: (916) 468-9743
    NMLS# 536635

    Learn more about Chris

  • ryans

    Ryan Smith

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Lincoln Crossing
    Mobile: (916) 715-8616
    NMLS# 9779

    Learn more about Ryan

  • MO_mspivey_380x350px

    Mike Spivey

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    Folsom, Hazel, and Rancho Cordova
    Mobile: (916) 915-2975
    NMLS# 41372

    Learn more about Mike

  • avandenberg

    Ashley Van Den Berg

    Senior Mortgage Officer
    West Sacramento and East Sacramento
    Mobile: (916) 413-0909
    NMLS# 1418610

    Learn more about Ashley

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